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Heidelberg comfortable sandalsHeidelberg sandals shoesHeidelberg sandals shoesHeidelberg sandals onlineHeidelberg comfortable sandals


Lightweight and fresh design to enjoy summer days.
Unisex footwear.
Shipping in 3 weeks.
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Most important characteristics

The sun and heat make the perfect combination to enjoy the fresh and original design of our Heidelberg sandal.
Thanks to its side buckle and our anatomic cork footbed, this sandal adjusts perfectly to each foot. It makes walking a great pleasure for our feet.
Heidelberg sandal is an indispensable model due to its confortable, modern and functional design.

Heidelberg sandals online




To produce all our shoes only top quality natural bovine leather is used. It is a natural and sustainable material with a thickness of between 2,6 and 3 millimeters, what makes our shoes really robust and protect our feet.
Moreover, natural leather has two main characteristics that contribute to make our shoes so confortable: it is breathable and extremely soft.
There are two different types of leather available: full grain and nobuk, which has a velvet-like surface. In both cases, as leather is a completely natural material, you may observe little imperfections or irregularities.



Every sole we use is made of natural rubber. Rubber is a material that comes from latex, and this one, at the same time, comes from different types of plants, specially the Pará rubber tree.
Natural rubber main features are: elasticity, water repellency, electric resistance and thermal isolation. All these characteristics are really important when it comes to soles and we take care of them all to offer the highest quality shoes.
Moreover, we have a special type of natural rubber sole with special non-skid properties, for all professionals that may need it.


Our anatomic footbed is the key to all Dippner shoes and it has been the result of many studies and researches, looking for the most confortable footbed. It is made of natural materials, all of them coming from sustainable resources.

These are the following:
– A core made of cork and latex that provides the footbed with flexibility, cushioning and thermic insulation.
– A jute net that provides stability and durability.
– Natural leather on the top to make our footbed breathable, soft and velvet-like to out feet.

The footbed design has been thought and studied carefully to adapt it perfectly to the foot anatomy. It enables our feet to move naturally while walking and, at the same time, our body weight is distributed properly along the footbed. This is absolutely important to protect our joints, ligaments, tendons and back.

This particular design make Dippner shoes really confortable:
The front footbed edge protects our toes in their natural movement while walking.
The raise indentations near the toes makes them stay in their natural position.
The arch support contributes to the correct distribution of the body weight and offers support for the foot´s central bones.
The deep heel cup holds the heel bone in its natural position.

All these characteristics make our footbed the key to achieve the incomparable confort of Dippner shoes.

None of the products utilized to produce our shoes have pentachlorophenol, chrome VI, nickel or azo dye that contain amines considered dangerous for our heath and main factor of allergic reaction.





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41 reviews «1 of 21»
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